Interim Management

Interim Management studies, develops and offers tangible solutions to carry out an effective and significant change that leads to profitable growth.

At Carman Consultores, we offer comprehensive Interim Management services

All these services are carried out by Mr. Andrés Olaya Pérez. Founding partner and director of Carman Consultores and member of the Interim Management Spain Association.

What is an Interim Manager?

The Interim manager is a professional with wide experience in direction and management, who joins a company externally, to fully and completely develop a very specific executive mission, with previously defined objectives, during a short period of time.

Temporary replacement of manager incorporation

This replacement can be carried out due to the dismissal or resignation of the previous manager, due to a temporary leave or because the company is waiting for the incorporation of a new one.

Development of new businesses/markets

  • Join new international markets.
  • Preparation and implementation of strategic plans.
  • Development new business models.
  • Development new market sectors
  • Launch of new product lines.

Managing a major organizational change

  • Actions to take for a purchase or merger in case of ”due diligence”.
  • Restructuring of areas, departments or business units.
  • Professionalization of the family council.
  • Preparation of succession.
  • Acquisition of a new company.
  • Implementation of cost reduction plans or new production lines.
  • Sale or merger of the company.
  • Development of management skills to face change.

Professionalization of a startup

Steering startups, spin-offs, and DBTs during maturity periods.

Advantages of incorporating an Interim Manager into the company

• Interim Management implies the incorporation of professionals with extensive experience in a specific mission, which the company has considered strategic.

The connection is temporary (only during the completion of the project), which means a variable cost for the company.

Complements the management team, increasing its value, including ways to increase the company`s competitive advantage adding mentoring programmes.

We work by objectives, which imply great productivity and commitment on the part of the person who performs the duties of Interim Manager.

Great speed in the implementation of both management and projects, likewise, ads flexibility due to their experience in the performance of work.

Gives a greater objectivity by having an external vision of the company.

The solution to carry out an effective and significant change that leads to profitable growth

Currently, Interim Management is the most flexible, rapid, and efficient solution for extraordinary circumstances of change in companies.